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  • Take stock of your own health
  • Connect with expert doctors & clinicians
  • Decide whether to join our clinical trial
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Health Check

You can access various examinations, tests and consultations as part of FutureMeds UK’s health promotion campaigns.

These examinations can give you an opportunity to take stock of your own health.

Depending on the diagnosis and whether you want to take an active role in your care, you can decide to take part in our clinical trials and gain access to the latest medicines and therapies.

Book a Free Eligibility Health Check if

  • Have any underlying conditions
  • Want to join a FutureMeds clinical trial
  • Want to connect with expert doctors

All FutureMeds trials are approved by an independent ethics committee.

Am I eligible for the health check?

Assess your eligibility for this health check by going through the checklist below

  • Any gender
  • Between 40 – 74 years old
  • Last Health Check over 2 years ago

Book Your Eligibility Check

  • Take stock of your own health
  • See if you have certain conditions
  • Join a FutureMeds trial near you

Why receive a free eligibility health check and volunteer for a clinical trial?

Connect with local healthcare professionals and access the latest medicines and therapies through your guided FutureMeds clinical trial journey.

Connect with expert doctors & clinicians

Access free consultations over the course of your trial and connect with highly experienced FutureMeds medical professionals.

Access the latest medicines & therapies

Gain access to the latest treatments, therapies and medicines for various conditions and illnesses through your trial journey.

Help progress medical science

Help support scientific discovery and development to ensure other people have access to the very best treatments and medicines.

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Take stock of your own health and decide whether you want to participate in a FutureMeds clinical trial.

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